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Pay4Me Service

FasteCash Pay4Me Service

Do you have a digital product or service you will like to purchase online? Like online course, e-book, software, app, membership site etc and you need a way to make payment? Yes, you now have a partner to resolve the challenge. Let's help you make the payment without any hassle

  • We can help you buy from sites that reject Nigeria debit cards.
  • We'll help you buy from sites that requires PayPal or international credit card
Biz & Income Opportunities

Biz & Income Opportunities

Do you want to learn about a business or an income opportunity? Yes, you can ask us. We will help you get the right information, training and courses.

  • ideas on hot products you can sell online and offline
  • How to sell effectively online
  • Courses on hot money making opportunities
  • Helpful tools and apps to make your business easy

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